Professional Editing

Unmatched expertise and creative direction by a team of media editors who are focused solely on the needs of home builders.

Professional Editing

Creative Innovations

Vantage Media has more experience with marketing imagery production for home builders than any other agency in the United States. In short, we know what viewers respond to best, whether the images are part of a national ad campaign, or used in a local real estate listing.

Our Creative Director has nearly 30 years of graphic design experience, and oversees a team of photo editors and graphic artists who ensure accurate color grading, realistic scene replacements, and other touch-ups that are built-in to our processes.

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Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a breakthrough technology useful for developing marketing imagery from unfurnished white models, prototypes and spec homes. Our editors have specific expertise for these tasks, and we can offer a greater depth of staging selection, style and realism.

Exterior Miracles

Mitigating large signs, porta-potties, construction activity and varying property conditions is a matter of routine for us. We’re problem solvers, and whether it’s missing siding, discolored trim or dead landscaping, we’ve likely seen it before, and have addressed it countless times.

Sales Center Removal

Model home sales centers often affect the exterior design of a home, with large signs, deleted driveways and other modifications. We can edit those scenes to give you usable marketing collateral, while customizing our deliverables for a range of driveways or landscaping options.

Scene Replacements

Modified window scenes are included in our process for interiors photography. We can adjust the levels of “blowout” to give your images a more elegant look, and keep visitors focused on your interior spaces. We can also swap scenes entirely to remove unwanted views.

Tree Removal

Model home landscape design rarely takes your imagery needs into account. Our photographers are trained to shoot around these issues, but when they can’t, their work is backed by a talented team of editors who have extensive experience with heavy exterior modifications.

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